Intuitive Soul Communication

I will be doing Intuitive Coaching at New Renaissance Bookshop NW 23rd ave and NW Overton, Portland Oregon. Appointments available please call (503)750-4866

Come see Lori at New Renaissance Bookshop for Intuitive Coaching!

Come see Lori at New Renaissance Bookshop for Intuitive Coaching!

Know thyself : Tools for Self Reflection

This comes from Life Coach Cheryl Richardson “Your willingness to pull back from life every now and then to rest and reflect, will impact the choices you make – both personally and professionally.  A meaningful life unfolds when we get in the habit of checking in on ourselves by asking questions like:  

  • Am I really happy with how I’m spending my time?
  • Do I feel good about the progress I’m making in life?
  • Am I getting my needs met on a regular basis?
  • Am I growing & becoming a better person?
  • Do I laugh enough?
  • Do I feel moved & inspired by my life?
  • Am I stimulated & challenged by friends & colleagues?
  • Am I actually spending time on what I say matters most?
  • Is my life contributing to others in a significant way? 

The answers to these questions determine the level of fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction your life delivers.  And in the end, it’s the only delivery that counts.”  

Why is 12/12/12 an auspicious date for Weddings and Vow Renewals?

For those couples considering marrying on Dec 12, 2012, Remember it holds numeric elegance to your wedding date. This will be a day neither of you will forget.

Did you know 12:12:12 is the day of alignment with all 12 dimensions of the Universe….the sacred geometry of Union! What is more auspicious than to signify a couples loving commitment then to marry on this sacred day

These wedding dates will not happen again for 89 years until the year 2101 when it will run again for twelve years.  For each of these dates, twice per day, in the morning, A.M. and in the evening, P.M., the year, day, hour, minute and second will be the same

Contact Lori for more information re: a 12/12/12 wedding. There are a few limited  time slots available. Ask about the December 2012 Vow Renewal for $144.00 and Wedding Ceremony $242.00 specials.